Roger Hodgson N America/ Mexico

Last leg of the Roger Hodgson tour 2013! Few shows in Mexico as well. Somehow, I’ve never played Mexico… unless I was sitting in at a Cabo bar playing a Hendrix cover…. doesn’t really count.

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Roger Hodgson of Supertramp from the Breakfast In America Tour 2013. Board mix & 9 GoPros!

Shot & edited by Wim Daans.

Roger Hodgson- Keys/ Vox

Aaron Macdonald- Saxs/ Keys/ Vox

Kevin Adamson- Keys/ Vox

David J Carpenter- Bass/ Vox

Bryan Head- Drums

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Roger Hodgson European Tour

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Here’s some old school out-law honky tonk for ya! I played drums on it. Have a listen to the other tunes at the link. I think the whole record came out great.

Wait for the end!

(Click on the band name to hear the whole record)


Pick up the project FREE for a limited time.
Trio Dino Soldo, David J Carpenter, Bryan Head team to record Original Male songs responding to Pop “Women-only” Anthems.

If you really want to know where we came from, it’s all out there.


The first project is an all ORIGINAL music project, though the names are borrowed from Popular Women-only Anthems from the 70s to the 21st century. The lyrics and music serve as rebuttals, refutations, and letters of reply to those Anthems.

When I was nineteen, the best musicians in school asked me to join their band at that time called Subject To Change. It felt like breakthrough for me. We had a great time and became best friends. Cut to a “few” years later, Dino Soldo, David J Carpenter and I made a new record as Y-Chrome Adam. Felt like slipping on old shoes, only much more bad ass shoes than we had then. Hope you enjoy it!


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UK tour with Roger Hodgson

Including the Royal Albert Hall! Also a couple nights in Paris at the famed Olympia.

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New In-Ear Monitors!

JH11 pro = dual bass driver = BOOM
Thanks JH Audio!!

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