This was such a blast to do. Benoit Chartest, the composer, brought a group of bad ass players from Montreal known as Le Terrible Orchestra de Belleville to LA to perform the music and foley along with the film for Grand Performances, downtown LA. I had to do some serious sight-reading for this one.
Triplettes of Belleville

Me at the foley table dancing on a stomp board

triplettes of belleville- foley table

Europe 2014

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A little ditty to brighten your Valentines Day. Wait for my mad drums and Jill guitar shredding that really capture the V Day bliss. David J Carpenter on bass! BLOODY VALENTINE

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Produced by Marvin Etzioni, engineered by the late David Vaught with drums/ percussion by yours truly. Some great original songs and unusual covers on here. Check the cover of No, No, No, No, for example, with that weird beat. Or the haunting cover of Born To Be Wild. Or her original song, Wild Bird.

“A jazzy/acoustic record of sparkling freshness, Jasmine Tommaso’s Listening Party is filled with true emotion. She delivers world famous covers with a new twist, and delights us with her own original tunes: an early Norah Jones meets Peggy Lee…”

It’s always an adventure working with Marvin. Creativity and the vibe are always pushing the edge. (Look up the Ross Golan And Molehead record we did a few years back). I was so grateful to work with my friend, David Vaught one last time.

Roger Hodgson N America/ Mexico

Last leg of the Roger Hodgson tour 2013! Few shows in Mexico as well. Somehow, I’ve never played Mexico… unless I was sitting in at a Cabo bar playing a Hendrix cover…. doesn’t really count.

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Roger Hodgson of Supertramp from the Breakfast In America Tour 2013. Board mix & 9 GoPros!

Shot & edited by Wim Daans.

Roger Hodgson- Keys/ Vox

Aaron Macdonald- Saxs/ Keys/ Vox

Kevin Adamson- Keys/ Vox

David J Carpenter- Bass/ Vox

Bryan Head- Drums

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Roger Hodgson European Tour

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Here’s some old school out-law honky tonk for ya! I played drums on it. Have a listen to the other tunes at the link. I think the whole record came out great.

Wait for the end!

(Click on the band name to hear the whole record)


Pick up the project FREE for a limited time.
Trio Dino Soldo, David J Carpenter, Bryan Head team to record Original Male songs responding to Pop “Women-only” Anthems.

If you really want to know where we came from, it’s all out there.


The first project is an all ORIGINAL music project, though the names are borrowed from Popular Women-only Anthems from the 70s to the 21st century. The lyrics and music serve as rebuttals, refutations, and letters of reply to those Anthems.

When I was nineteen, the best musicians in school asked me to join their band at that time called Subject To Change. It felt like breakthrough for me. We had a great time and became best friends. Cut to a “few” years later, Dino Soldo, David J Carpenter and I made a new record as Y-Chrome Adam. Felt like slipping on old shoes, only much more bad ass shoes than we had then. Hope you enjoy it!