London’s Royal Albert Hall with Roger Hodgson

Posted: May 26, 2013 in On The Road
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  1. Andy Gilmore says:

    My Mrs and I are sitting in the third row from the back on the two seats on the very left side…my hands are in the air.

    Fantastic Evening…one of the best in my 45 years.


  2. Bryan Head says:

    Well that means you had a great view of the drummer! Glad you enjoyed the show.


  3. Andy Gilmore says:

    You are correct. An absolute fantastic view of the one of the most skilful drummers I have ever seen. Wonder who he was? 🙂 )))))
    Looking forward to seeing him (you) play again very soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Peter Sweet . says:

    We are ther somewhere in the blue light on the right . Been there last 2 Albert hall gigs but 2 years apart is TOO LONG ….Come back soon please !


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