European leg of the Roger Hodgson ‘Breakfast In America’ world tour

Posted: June 24, 2012 in On The Road


  1. Candy says:

    “Roger Hodgson, the essence of your harmony”

    I can only say at least once in That Their life has to Attend a live concert by Roger Hodgson. It is a unique experience, where ‘unify all your best feelings of your heart and your soul.

    Roger connects with his audience in an extraordinary manner, creating a magical relationship that few artists achieve the level of today in his live concerts.

    Here are other examples of the best of their repertoire available on iTunes.

    Now we can enjoy His last great work in iTunes “Live Classics”, the songs Were Recorded In Different Countries of Their live shows, Brazil, Norway, Venezuela, France and Germany. Great Successes That we enjoy in your new Tour 2012 “Breakfast in America”, Which will visit Different country clubs worldwide, do not miss it!

    And a great album, full of great tunes, also available on iTunes “Open the Door”.

    The soul and spirit of Supertramp live, to offer the magic of the original sound of Their songs ..

    Roger Hodgson returns to the stage with all the force of historical music and energy of all the historical heart. A treat for the senses, enjoy one of the geniuses in the history universal of music.

    You can see video examples of songs that Roger cocniertos offer for its live, in their official youtube:


  2. ana lopez says:

    Great news for all of European fans, Roger is really loved here in Europe.
    Nobody should miss these amazing shows!!
    I’ll attend both shows in Marbella and Paris.
    Can’t wait to travel there, enjoy and share with so many friends,
    Welcome back to Europe!!! See you soon! 🙂


  3. I agree with Candy and Ana, a Roger Hodgson concert is something that anybody who appreciates good music, no matter their age, should have in their baggage of experience!! At least once, but possibly twice or more 😉 not many people know that Roger Hodgson wasn’t just the singer of Supertramp’s most beautiful and most famous hits, but also the sole composer of such pearls. When he tours with his band he tours with top musicians who have absolutely nothing to envy the original Supertamp members, in fact they are very respectable top musicians who have created a beautiful and gracious support to Roger’s many astonishing musical qualities. I saw Roger and his band in London last year and I absolutely loved the concert, and I am heading to Lucca in just over three weeks to see them again!! Bryan, since I have developed a very soft spot for you and your wood blocks (affecrionally referred to as cow bells) and I am looking forward to hearing them again, the Roger Hodgson Italian Fan Cub has been instructed to cheer for you as loud as they can (as loud as Italians can be….bring some earmuffs!) 😉 see you so very soon!! Wooohoooo!!!! 🙂


  4. guitar62player says:

    What a dream job for an extremely talented drummer….to be apart of something magical where all the players create a sound that\’s unforgettable. Now let\’s talk about the reason why, the music of Roger Hodgson with all it\’s layers and complexities. Where each player adds to the sound that is unmistakably the sound of \”Supertramp\”.

    A Roger Hodgson performance is beyond description……from the minute he and the band hit the stage, it is ALL TO CLEAR he is there for the fans. Roger spends his time on stage connecting with his them. He makes eye contact, points, responds to shout outs, laughs, giggles and last but not least \”Smile continually\”.

    Now, let\’s talk about the voice that sounds better then ever and the musicality of all on the stage…. An evening with Roger Hodgson is time well spent….. Go, travel…..see Roger live. It will be an adventure that is life changing……..

    With so many dates offered in Europe, there are many opportunities to feel a live performance of all on the stage with Roger……

    http://www.rogerhodgson dot com/documents/tour.html

    Safe travels to you Brian as you travel back to Europe for a grand adventure!


  5. Are you ready for Italy Bryan?? If you guys don’t play “crazy” in Lucca I don’t see where else you should play it 😀 Tuscany is waiting for youuuuuuu!!! 😉


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